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What time does Awana start?

Awana is held on Friday and begins at 7:30pm sharp. There are many activities each evening and never enough time. Leader will be ready by 7:15pm, so we encourage people to show up earlier to sign in.

How long does Awana run?

Awana begins 7:30pm and continues to 9:00pm. Children will be brought back to the sign in area for pick up. Children must be signed out by their parents or guardian.

Is the program the same every week?

No. Most weeks the routine is the same but there are 7 special event nights. A complete calendar is available at the sign in desk.

What are the typical activities?

Awana starts with Opening Ceremony, followed by the 3 main events: games, big group lesson time and handbook study time. The order varies depending on the child’s age.

What does my child need to bring each week?

The younger “Sparks” (JK to grade 2) will need to wear their uniform (after they are issued) and running shoes even in winter. Running shoes are important for their safety during games. The older “T&T” (grades 3 to 6) need to bring uniform (after issue), running shoes, bible and study handbook. A full bible (not children’s version) is needed for their study time.

How do I contact Awana through the week if I have questions?

Email is If more urgent, call the church directly at 613-563-3043

What happens on snow days?

Every winter there are evenings when it is not safe for parents to drive. Awana will make a decision by 2pm Friday and notify all families on the Awana website and by email – so it is important to provide a contact email address.

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